Outdoor Fitness and Group Training

Enhance Fitness

Improving your fitness can have a serious and positive effect on your life.

We have a wide range of classes which include cardio, toning, boxing and also some classes use a combination of these styles. Interval training and circuits, together with one-on-one personal training are some additional services we can provide.

Why offer different classes?

Doing the same class over and over will slow your progress and see your weight loss and fitness plateau. Also it might get a little boring!

This is why every single class is different and custom-designed to make sure the same muscles are not overworked.

Getting fitBodystyle training ensures you follow the best, most effective path to achieve the results that you have outlined with your trainer.

We promise to push you to your limits and then past them! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with our expert fitness instructors.

But exercise is only half of it – nutrition and healthy eating are also important.