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We are proud of the amazing results our clients have achieved. Here are just a few of our testimonials we have been given! Thanks guys!

Jodie - Glenorie

I had hit my mid “40’s” looked in the mirror and did not like myself anymore, I looked old and saggy. A friend mentioned that she was going to Boot Camp and a light bulb went on!!!!. I had been quite fit before children and thought to myself this is what I need….. My first night I thought I was going to die but I went back and each day got easier, BodyStyle changed my life, I have a whole new bunch of friends and a whole new outlook on life, I look forward to exercising and enjoy the people. I even compete in running events and competed in Tough Mudder earlier this year, all of which I would not have been able to do without the Dedication and Support from Sarah, my Boot Camp Buddies and Body Style.

I joined BodyStyle one year ago and Sarah and Tracy have been so supportive. The great thing about BodyStyle is that the trainers are both Mothers of young children and they understand our limits. I feel comfortable with two female trainers. I have lost 20kg so far and I would recommend Sarah and Tracy to everyone.

I have been going to BodyStyle since September 2010. I started going to BodyStyle one day per week and now I go twice a week. During this time I have lost 17kg’s, losing 17cm off my waist and 18cm off my hips. I really enjoy that we get to excercise outdoors. There is a variety of exercises that we do, including weights, running and my favourite boxing. The exercise regime is easy for me to follow . I started going to BodyStyle to improve my fitness and health. My fitness has improved greatly. I can run for longer periods of time now and enjoy doing other activities throughout the week. Going to BodyStyle classes has allowed me to lose weight and maintain my weight loss. I am one dress size from my goal weight.