Outdoor Fitness and Group Training

Who are we?

Bodystyle was established 5 years ago and is outdoor group training that is motivating and fun, with programs that will shape and tone your body and improve your overall health and fitness

Our Trainers

Our trainers at Bodystyle are dedicated to fitness and, most of all, dedicated to YOU!

Sarah Cooper

When we grew up, integrating sport into a career was unheard of, unless you wanted to be a PE teacher. We had never even heard of a personal trainer. Slowly we began to learn of the benefits of personal training through celebrities and the wealthy. Luckily, today personal trainers are accessible and affordable to all – there is no excuse not to look good. Some may argue gym memberships are just as good, but gyms are great for those people who have an in-depth knowledge of fitness – but for those who don’t – nothing beats personalised training.

I’ve always loved playing sports and being fit, but didn’t choose my career around my passion - I began work in telecommunications and was always unhappy in my 9-5 job.

It wasn't until a friend of mine invited me along to "Bootcamp" that I even began to entertain the idea that I could up and leave my current career path to do what I truly enjoyed and make a living from it.

For me, exercise has always been the key to my happiness, my stress relief and most of all fun. Having two, very fit older brothers pushing me to be the best, has made me competitive, particularly when it comes to sport.

I have three children and understand the post-baby body. I am proud to see that my children have learnt the importance of being healthy and fit. My eldest daughter, now six-years-old, has already learnt to be a strong and fit girl and I am proud to watch her enjoy exercising with her friends.

One of the best parts of my job is watching the joy my clients have when they reach a goal. My clients put so much trust in me and, in turn, that drives me to want to help them more and more. The most important part of my role as trainer is catering to each individual’s needs. I have to determine what will work best for them. I've been blessed to spend my time with some amazing people and it is an honour to be able to say that I had a part in helping these people create a better, happier life.